Program Overview


For over a decade, The Samaritan Women has offered comprehensive, Christ-centered care for victims of domestic sex trafficking. Our trauma-informed residential care program meets each young woman where she is in the healing process. Our unique Care Model invests in a woman therapeutically, academically, vocationally, spiritually, socially, and in self-care.

Young women typically remain in our care for 2+ years as they work through their traumas, develop independent living skills, grow spiritually and communally, regain their health and confidence, and make those important steps to self-sufficiency.

Freshman Phase – her initial three months into recovery are focused on safety and stabilization. Survivors are often highly traumatized and dysregulated; therefore, the program emphasizes structure, predictability, and security. We focus on physiological balance and symptom reduction.

Sophomore-Junior-Senior Phases – once she’s begun to adapt to the environment and program, she gradually begins to open herself up to exploration, learning, and safe risks. She progresses in the areas of identity formation, personal agency, and trauma processing. It is during this time we are investing in her therapeutically, academically, vocationally, spiritually, socially, and in life skills. She may be in our program working through these phases for 18-21 months as healing and learning take a long time.

Graduate Phase – a survivor who has begun to establish new roots in this community, through schooling, employment, and social contact, does not want to give up what she’s worked so hard to build. So, in 2016 we established our Graduate Program that offers survivors supportive independent living with accountability and on-going connection to the TSW community. This separate house has a capacity for 6 women for up to two years of extended support.

On-Site Schoolhouse

  • 4 hours of Classroom time per weekday
  • 6 computers for online college courses
  • Professional educators teach GED-readiness
  • Community volunteers provide individualized tutoring

Paid Internship Program

  • Initiates at Sophomore phase
  • We offer a wide variety of on-site jobs to help her discover her abilities
  • Job can change every 3 months
  • Resident interns are paid a fair wage, must set up a banking relationship, create a budget, take a money management class and file her taxes –often for the first time!
  • We also support resume creation and job searching

100% of the residents who have participated in our Internship Program have secured outside employment!

Spiritual Growth

  • TSW recognizes that each of us has our own spiritual journey, so spiritual growth is never forced.
  • We invite our residents to experience worship, Bible study, journaling, praise concerts, conferences, and different expressions of prayer.
  • Twice a year our ladies are treated to an off-site weekend retreat for spiritual enrichment and fun

Each woman makes her own decision for the role of faith in her life.


  • Volunteers are vital to our program. They bring unique gifts and expand the social support base for each woman.
  • Volunteers serve as drivers, tutors, group leaders, chaperones, and mentors.

Each week, our residents would interact with an average of 12 different community volunteers.

Baking Enterprise

  • Our micro-enterprise employs our residents in jobs of baking, marketing, retailing, and business management
  • Employees pursue ServeSafe certification and Food Manager license
  • Advancement from Intern to Apprentice to Employee

All of our bakers have earned ServSafe certification and have been employed by the enterprise.

Volunteer Service

  • Our ladies participate in community service activities, affirming that everyone has a gift to give to others.
  • We have volunteered at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, senior centers, and pet rescues

On average, TSW residents contribute 930 hours/year of volunteer service during her time at TSW.