The Shepherd Project

Equipping individuals and churches to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation

Jesus said, ‘Simon, son of John, do you love Me?’

‘Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You.’

‘Take care of My sheep.’ 

(John 21:15)

Sexual abuse and misconduct in all its forms is rampant in our day and destroying lives. Through years of research and experience, we have seen a significant connection between sex trafficking and child abuse, pornography, and sexual assault. In order to engage in sex trafficking prevention, we need to engage in prevention of the contributing factors. People in our communities are suffering in silence and we need to invite them out of the pain and isolation and into healing. Jesus, our Good Shepherd, calls us to follow in His footsteps and take care of His sheep – the lost, the hurting, the vulnerable.

In response, The Samaritan Women has created The Shepherd Project, to equip the Church to protect the vulnerable and minister to those who have been abused. Throughout 2021, we will be providing monthly virtual trainings on various topics of abuse and equipping participants with knowledge and tools to bring back to their church and community. The year will be divided into four quarters addressing sex traffickingchild abusepornography, and sexual assaultEach quarter will focus on prevention, intervention and recovery. Expert speakers will conduct trainings on each topic and showcase resources and essential practices for each focus area. The goal of this program is to de-stigmatize conversations, prevent future abuse, and help others create a refuge where healing help is offered.

We invite individuals and churches to learn about these issues and discern how to implement these practices in your church and community.

For interests and inquiries please contact Jasmyne Cummings at

Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse

84% of trafficked women and girls are survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

1 in every 10 children will experience abuse by the time they are 18. 

Join us for this 3-part training to learn how to recognize, respond, and prevent child abuse. Expert Speaker, Victor Vieth from Zero Abuse Project will be providing monthly virtual trainings to equip participants with knowledge on child abuse and resources to bring back to their church and community. Sign up today to learn how to protect the vulnerable and create safe environments where healing help is offered. 

Dates: May 3rd and June 7th
Time: 6pm – 8pm (ET)
Location: Zoom Meeting
Cost: $75 per church

2021 Shepherd Project Timeline


Quarter 1 Sex Trafficking January 4th February 1st March 1st
Quarter 2 Child Abuse April 5th May 3rd June 7th
Quarter 3 Pornography July 12th August 2nd September 13th
Quarter 4 Sexual Assault/IPV October 4th November 1st December 6th

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