Research Library


The Samaritan Women Institute for Shelter Care conducts or collaborates on research related to restorative care for victims of exploitation, most often, within the context of a residential program.  We occasionally publish studies on other types of victimization or care settings, as those studies may inform the work of residential service providers.

Here you will find the reports from our studies, toolkits, or publications where we have served as co-author.  Some publications are free, whereas others are available for purchase.  You are welcome to use this information in support of your own research; however, The Samaritan Women  Institute for Shelter Care should be properly cited.

If you have a study that you would recommend, please email

Curriculum Recommendations Report (2021)

Standardizing our Lexicon (2021)

Technology Use Report (2020)

Substance Use Disorders Report (2020)

Sourcing your Shelter Home (2020)

Assessing the Threat (2019)

Compensation Report (2019)

Rapid Referral – Summary of Referrals and Observations (2018)

TOOLKIT: Residential Service Provider’s Guide to working with Law Enforcement Referrals

After FOSTA-SESTA (2018)

National Practices Report (2017)

Shelter Funding Report (2016)

Current Research

Substance Use/Abuse Support Services in a Residential Program: Our current study explores the policies and procedures that shelter-care facilities implement to facilitate their residents’ recovery from substance use and abuse. Check back soon for the full report and updates on upcoming projects.

Are you a shelter-organization interested in becoming a survey participant? Participants get the chance to contribute to our growing library of research while gaining first-look access to recent studies. These surveys, and the resulting reports, provide vital information for organizations looking to open a shelter for the first time and for existing shelter programs to learn from each other. Contact Roslyn Lindner at for more information.

We are excited to announce that in 2020, the Institute for Shelter Care and Regent University’s Department of Psychology and Counseling is beginning a multi-year project to determine quality standards of practice for shelter-care providers.