Light Your Personal Commitment!

Shine the Light on Human Trafficking

Join with The Samaritan Women to Light the Way Out of the Darkness of Human Trafficking

The Samaritan Women (TSW) prepares to light the darkness for victims of domestic human trafficking and raise awareness about the lack of victim services available to survivors.  With an estimated 200,000 children exploited each year in America – there are only about 177 shelter homes or 1,400 beds throughout the country to serve this population. In recognition of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, TSW is asking each person to light the darkness with a candle, cell phone, car lights, etc. to bring attention to the darkness surrounding this insidious crime. 

Join with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to show your support by lighting the night for 11 minutes on Human Trafficking Day, January 11, 2021 beginning at 7:00 p.m. Share your pictures on social media and continue to shine a light on this escalating problem.  Join us as we light the way for victims looking to find hope and healing from the trauma of their abuse.






Ways you can Participate

Light Up Your Social Media!

Show your friends that you support ending National Slavery and Human Trafficking with a few simple ideas for social media. Change your profile frame on Facebook for January (continue throughout the year to increase awareness). 

Light Up Your Space!

Light your home, office building, place of worship and more. On January 11, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. light up your space for 11 minutes to bring awareness to the issue of National Slavery and Human Trafficking.

Use our prepared graphics to have your own banner printed or customized to make your own statement.  Banners are supplied in 2 sizes, 36×36 and 96×36, but can be sized to any width.

Shine a Light on your Photos and Hashtags

Get creative with your photos and our graphics. Share hashtags #lightthedarkness, #11minutesforchange, #keepthelighton – and more. Share your #lightthedarkness photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Hashtag graphics are supplies as transparent PNG’s in both black and white. Download the complete set below.

Light Your Personal Commitment!

Join The Samaritan Women and walk with those who are battling back from the scars of abuse from being trafficked. Let survivors know that you stand with them as they journey from darkness to light. The ravages of this insidious crime continue well beyond the 31 days of January – continue to stand with us as well advocate for those enslaved – let them know that you will light their way back 365 days a year until the issue of human trafficking ends.