Human Trafficking Resources 

Join The Samaritan Women – Institute for Shelter Care as we commemorate Human Trafficking Awareness Month at Light the Darkness, a national simulcast of artists, advocates, survivors and shelter providers as we will showcase the good works that are being done across the nation to advance quality care for sexually-exploited persons.


The Samaritan Women is passionate about educating the community on the realities of sex trafficking, how to protect the vulnerable, and how to engage the Church. 

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The Samaritan Women offers these resources to encourage you to use YOUR VOICE to advocate against sexual exploitation. This is a national problem, and it will take each of us doing our part in our own communities to raise awareness and solicit change. We invite you to use these resources as a way to take your next step in learning more about this issue.

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 National Human Trafficking Hotline National Human Trafficking Resource Center Get Help Report Human Trafficking Human Trafficking Information & Resources


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Explore the drop-down menus below for human trafficking books, documentaries, and websites.

Human Trafficking Documentaries and Films
Sex Trafficking in America (55 mins) This Frontline documentary follows one police unit committed to rooting out sexual exploitation.
 What Happened to the Girl Next Door (52 mins) Documentary about the realities of sex trafficking in America
The Making of a Girl (5 mins) A first-person perspective of an American youth facing sexual exploitation
Very Young Girls (1 hr 21 mins) The story of a group of girls prostituted in NYC as early as the age of 12 (warning – explicit language) 
I am Jane Doe (available on Vimeo) The battle American mothers waged on behalf of their middle-school daughters, victims of sex-trafficking on 
Human Trafficking and Exploitation Services
NCOSE (National Center on Sexual Exploitation) provides a list of resources and service providers for survivors and victims of sexual exploitation.
HopeWorks is Howard County Maryland’s Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center. They provide emergency care, transitional housing, counseling services, legal services and more.
Find a service provider in your area and see how you can help! This map provides information on shelters across the United States dedicated to serving survivors of human trafficking.

ENGAGE IN PREVENTIONWhat can you do today? 


Most victims of exploitation don’t understand what’s happening to them. Help children understand the realities of sex trafficking so they can stay safe and look out for friends. Use the resources below to start the conversation.

Interested in learning more? Visit our other resource pages for more information on Child Abuse, Pornography, and Sexual Assault

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Create a culture of safety and transparency by educating your staff and community about sexual abuse and trafficking. Put safeguards in place, teach sermons about abuse, and bring training to your congregation.

Interested in learning more? Join The Shepherd Project Speaker Series to receive tools and training from experts on how the Church can respond to sexual abuse

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