Consider what is statistically “normal” for a victim of sex trafficking in America:

  • It’s normal for her to have been a victim of childhood sexual abuse.
  • It’s normal for her to have been introduced to pornography by age seven (7) and illegal drugs by age ten (10).
  • It’s normal for her to have been sold into commercial sex trade by age fourteen (14).
  • It’s normal for her to have dropped out of school by grade eight (8), been arrested multiple times and carry the burden of a criminal record.
  • It’s normal for her to have suffered multiple miscarriages and forced abortions.
  • It’s normal for her to believe that there is no one who cares, no one coming to her rescue, no chance that her life will ever be different.

The Samaritan Women is committed to seeing a new normal emerge. Since 2007, we have been lifting our voices against sexual exploitation, opening our hearts and homes to those who have been victimized.

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Open and active shelter programs in our database 177
States with no shelter programs 16
States with only one shelter program 4
State with the greatest number of shelter programs California
States with Mentees in the Institute 4
Programs serving minors 63
Programs serving women and children 24
Programs serving boys/men 40
Demographic of greatest need for shelter care Women with Children

As of 10/5/2020

Note:  Numbers are updated on a monthly basis