The All Fifty Campaign

We aspire to see qualified care in all fifty states and invite you join us.


Since The Samaritan Women created the Institute for Shelter Care, we have made considerable accomplishments, but there are still nine states in the U.S. with no shelter program and eight states with only one. That means hundreds of survivors have no options for a pathway out.

The All Fifty Campaign calls on everyone to play their part in helping to advance quality care for sexually-exploited persons. If you have a burden for trafficking survivors and you believe in the work of The Samaritan Women, we are asking you to participate in our All 50 Campaign. In times like these, when the number of trafficking survivors is increasing and the need for restorative care is higher than ever, we need your help.

Together with God’s help, we can realize a day when any survivor—anywhere in the nation—
would have access to qualified, compassionate care.

We invite you to partner with us to transform lives. Accept the “All Fifty” challenge.

  • Pray for 50-seconds for our leaders to be wise, prudent, and humbly submissive to the guiding of the Holy Spirit as we step into this larger role.
  • Increase your sustaining monthly gift by 50%. If your monthly gift is normally $50, you would increase it to $75. A $100 monthly gift would become $150, etc.
  • Boost your year-end gift by any increment of $50 you are able.
  • Make a one-time gift equivalent to 50 cents/day ($182.50).
  • Take on the challenge to tell 50 people about your relationship with TSW and the important work we do together.
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