Veteran Women’s Program

We will soon be opening our doors and our hearts to one of American’s unnoticed and underserved populations: homeless, female veterans.

Did you know…

  • One out of every 10 homeless vets under the age of 45 is a woman.
  • Female veterans who end up homeless–estimated 6,500–has nearly doubled over the last decade
  • According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, 23% of the homeless population in the United States is veteran. 3/4ths of which experience some type of alcohol, drug, or mental health problem.  Among women vets, it’s estimated that 60% have addiction issues.
  • In Maryland and Virginia, the estimated number of homeless female veterans in 2009 was 466; the number of available beds in our area is only 24.
  • One military report suggested that upwards of 2/3rds of female soldiers experience some form of sexual assault from “friendly forces.”

Fortunately, every one of us is in a position to serve these women who have so bravely served this country. The Veterans Administration is actively pursuing rehabilitative partners for these women and The Samaritan Women is honored to stand in that gap.  In 2011 we anticipate being able to accept an initial 4-6 soldiers.  Once we are fully-established, we will have 16 beds to provide support to women. The TSW  program for veterans will include:

  • home-like accommodations (2 residents per room)
  • 3 family-style meals per day
  • Bible study and spiritual formation
  • occupational therapy
  • individual counseling
  • addictions counseling
  • sexual trauma recovery workshops
  • vocational training in horticulture and culinary arts
  • participation in the TSW service community

The Samaritan Women promotes an inclusive community. We do not discriminate based on color, class, or creed.

We sincerely appreciate your donation and the investment it makes to restoring health and hope in women who have served us all.

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